Piano festival in Feuchtwangen: The pianist Sanja Stefanovic was a discovery.
"Humility towards a great composer.
Chamber musical notes, dreamy interpretations and variations of her own.
A true discovery for the audience of the Feuchtwangen piano festival at the municipal hall ‘Kasten’ on Wednesday was the young, in Odessa educated, pianist Sanja Stefanovic from Serbia. The same goes for the probably rarest performed piece of piano music by Ludwig van Beethoven which she picked to present herself...With Carl Czerny’s charming ‘Variationen über einen beliebten Walzer’ she pays homage to the ideal of creative and not purely mechanical reproduction of notes as it was usual 200 years ago. Franz Schubert’s melancholic tune was an inspiration for her to add a variation of her own to Czerny’s work in which she extended the harmonic and chromatic modes of expression in a well audible way."
Thunderous applause for Schubertiade
On Schubert: "Sanja Stefanovic...the internationally known soloist at the piano, interpreted at the Schlossspiele sensitive romantic works by Schubert...the great B flat Sonata, which provided for the audience after the break for enthusiasm....The audience in the packed Prince Hall were very enthusiastic about this cultural highlight of the Schlossspiele."
West. Rundschau
Dynamic contrasts inspire listeners
On Mendelssohn op. 53: "With loving attention to detail Sanja Stefanovic showed us Sanja Stefanovic the different characters of the six pieces such as the lyrical expression of the Andante moto in No. 1 or just as stylish as the turbulent flashes of motor function of the Presto agitato, or the sonorous sound of abundance of the Adagio in F major or the rushing waves of the final Molto allegro vivace."
On Brahms op. 117: "Sanja Stefanovic, the mature artist from Belgrade, has offered a sonorous gravity, round, melody-based sound and sophisticated piano gradations between resignation and reconciliation."
<March 2021>

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Brahms: Intermezzi (3) for Piano, Op. 117
Feuchtwanger: Study in eastern idiom "Tariqa no. 1"
Czerny: Variations on a Viennese Waltz, Op. 12 "Sehnsuchtswalzer"

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